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What our customers are saying

My family purchased a 1/4 of beef from Tree Lane Stock Farms after being a weekly buyer at the Gainesville Farmers Market. Nothing better than having a freezer full of meat. All the meat has the best fresh flavor, taste and texture. Not the watered down, mealy meat you get at the grocery store. My main concern was all the ground beef, but it has been fantastic. The flavor of the meat is so great that it makes everything so much better. From burgers to spaghetti to tacos to meatloaf, my family is really enjoying it. I have enjoyed researching and finding the best ways to cook the different cuts and there are so many options! I recommend at least trying it. I can't imagine you would be disappointed.
Jenn Testerman (Nokesville, VA)
My husband and I recently came across your stand at the Gainesville farmers market. We really appreciated your kindness and willingness to share the details of your business with us. My diet consists of mainly chicken and turkey, with some variations of fish and pork. I usually do not eat red meat. However, after getting your ground beef and my husband preparing it, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I will now eat chicken, turkey, some variations of fish and pork, and the ground beef from Tree Lane Stock Farms. I have also been recommending Tree Lane to my family and friends because I am confident they will enjoy this quality product as much as my husband and I do! Thank you for your great customer service!
The Audiffred's (Gainesville, VA)
Fantastic beef grown by wonderful folks!" "Best beef in the U.S.!!!
Josh Plante (Vienna,VA) & Chris Morin (Oakton,VA)