We are a small family-owned cattle farm on 230 acres in Aspers, Pa singularly focused on producing the highest quality beef we can.  We believe creating a superior product begins and ends with the health of the soil in our pasture, the food our cattle eats and how they are cared for. 

We’ve practiced regenerative agriculture for the past 24 years, which means we are farming and raising cattle in a way that sends nutrients and goodness back into the land. All the acreage we have are in permanent pasture or hay that doesn’t require annual seeding. We rotate our herd on diverse pasture to cultivate mineral rich soil, capture carbon from the environment and limit our impact on the watershed.  As a result, our fertile soil grows a lush mix of nutrient dense grasses and legumes that our cattles graze to produce a healthy source of protein containing high levels of omega 3 fatty acids, conjugated linoleic acids, beta-carotene and vitamin E. 

You are what you eat, and what your food eats! Cattle are ruminant animals, which means they are designed to graze forage.  Our animals thrive at our farm because we allow them to naturally graze in our pastures all year eating only what nature intended; grasses such as orchard grass, timothy, annual ryegrass and red clover.  In the winter, when forage isn’t available, we feed them grass hay and a mixture of immature wheat and ryegrass that is harvested at a higher moisture level and placed in airtight wrapping.  This wrapping encourages a fermentation process which breaks the plant down, so that it is easily digestible.  A special treat is the roasted barley we occasionally feed them (oh the pleasure!)

We create a darn good life for our cattle.  We raise them the natural way, at their own pace, on wide open pasture.  When cattle and humans coexist in a stress-free environment, it provides for a higher quality of life for all involved and we feel that it shows in our products. We care about our animals and often find ourselves “thinking like a cow” to ensure they live as stress free as possible. 

All of our beef is USDA inspected and sold frozen for freshness.

Why Tree Lane Beef?

A. Since our cattle’s diet is primarily pasture, the meat naturally carries less fat than conventional beef that comes from a feedlot feeding a very high grain ration. In addition, no hormone transplants to increase growth rate are used on our cattle.  We take great care to make sure that our cattle are in optimum condition to provide the you with a flavorful and healthful eating experience.

B. Beef  from cattle finished primarily on pasture and forages has been shown to be higher in Omega-3 fatty acids than beef finished primarily on grains. A recent study by Edward Dratz, a biochemistry professor at Montana State University showed that high performing high school students who were supplemented with Omega-3 had improved reaction time, attention and memory.

C. By not using any chemical fertilizers or weedkillers we hope to improve the health and biological activity in our soils. That improved soil health should result in healthier, more nutrient  dense, more diverse, pastures that our cattle consume, with the idea that those qualities will carry forward to the beef that they produce.

D. By raising and processing locally. Our cattle are not subjected to the stress of being shipped long distances, often hundreds of miles, for their processing. This shipping stress has a marked effect on the quality of the beef these cattle produce both in terms of flavor and tenderness.